Levanen Wins LRP Touring Car Masters With Factory Team TC5

Levanen Wins LRP Touring Car Masters With Factory Team TC5

April 28, 2007

Event Name: LRP Touring Car Masters
Event Location: Eppelheim, Germany

Over the years, the LRP Touring Car Masters has brought together the top European and International drivers to compete in the most prestigious indoor carpet race held on European soil. This year was no different. Drivers from across the globe traveled to Eppelheim, Germany to battle to place their name on the Touring Car Masters' list.

Only one week prior to the event, Team Associated shipped pre-production TC5s to four of their top European drivers. With very limited time on the vehicles and a brand new surface, Associated/Reedy drivers Juho Levanen, Craig Drescher, and Christer Andersson were able to place their cars in the coveted A main. Joel Myrberg, also driving a TC5, placed in the B Main with a few hard luck races.

To start the main events, Levanen placed his brand new Factory Team TC5 on the pole position followed by teammates Drescher (fourth) and Andersson (fifth). The first two mains were perfect for Levanen. A great jump off the line and a quick couple laps and he had the field covered by a straight-a-way. Smart driving by the Finn allowed him to control the gap to the field and take A1 and A2 wins to secure the Masters title. In A3, Levanen’s young teammate, Christer Andersson, had a brilliant drive to finish second and secure 5th overall. Drescher had some rough starts, yet still managed to finish sixth overall.

Both Levanen and Andersson used the new LRP Sphere Competition TC Spec speed control with their LRP Vector X-11 brushless motors. In fact, all ten cars in the A final chose brushless power with LRP speed controls being the choice of eight of ten finalists.

Congratulations to Juho for a fantastic race!

For more information, please visit: http://www.lrp-electronic.de/tcm2007/