International Offroad Race

International Offroad Race

March 17, 2011

Event Name: International Offroad Race
Event Location: Neuffen, Germany
Event Date(s): March 12, 2011 to March 13, 2011

This past weekend the International Offroad Race was held in Neuffen, Germany. 140 drivers made their way to Neuffen and started in 5 categories.

The only girl at the event, Sina Zbinden (age 14 years), started in the Newcomer class.  In the heats Sina had some electronic problems, but her father  resolved the issues quickly. In the finals, Sina started from 3rd place but was able to get close to the drivers in front, pass them, and secure the 1st place in final round 1.

The final round 2 caused much tension between the drivers, but again Sina was able to dominate with her Associated B4.1 Factory Team, showing the guys the power of Swiss girls.

In the end, Sina secured her victory day in the Newcomer class!

Thanks to HRC Distribution for this report.