Cavalieri Cleans Up in the Midwest

Cavalieri Cleans Up in the Midwest

December 1, 2007

Event Name: Midwest Offroad Championship
Event Location: Brookfield, WI, Trackside Hobbies

For the second year in a row, Ryan Cavalieri ventured to the home of world famous Scotty Ernst and Trackside Hobbies for the Midwest Offroad Championship. Cavalieri, usually accompanied by his Father and pit man, was flying solo at this event. Joining Cavalieri at the race were fellow Associated teammates Chad Due and Frank Root. Working as a team, they all secured positions in all three A Mains with Cavalieri starting first in 2WD and 4WD and second in Truck.

As the mains started it was pure Cavalieri. Rocketing his B4, B44 and T4 to the front of the pack, Ryan took the win in all three classes. Good finishes by Chad landed him second on the podium in 2WD and 4WD. Chad used the LRP X-11 brushless motors while both drivers use LRP speed controls. This also marked Cavalieri's first win with brushless technology. Utilizing the LRP Sphere TC Spec speed control in his T4, combined with a 6.5 turn motor, Cavalieri laid the wood to the competition and is now hooked on the brushless power.

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