ACT Off Road State Championships

ACT Off Road State Championships

March 2, 2008

Event Name: ACT Off Road State Championships
Event Location: Canberra, ACT (Australian Capital Territory)

The race was held in Canberra at the Nurrabundah facility. The club presented a challenging track for the drivers.

Matt Griffin steered his Reedy/Nosram-powered Factory Team B44 to TQ and first place in the tightly contested 4WD Modified class.

In the 2WD class, Griffin was once again TQ with his B4, but it was Josh Pain who won.

Canberra's own Malcolm Sharp was in a league of his own in 2WD Stock to capture that title with his B4, rounding out a clean sweep of the 2WD classes for Associated!

Well done Matt, Josh, and Malcom!