Jefferies Wins BRCA 1/12 Modified Title

Jefferies Wins BRCA 1/12 Modified Title

February 22, 2012

Event Name: BRCA
Event Location: Teesside
Event Date(s): February 18, 2012 to February 19, 2012

There are very rare occasions in RC racing when a car and driver are in perfect harmony, but it would seem that Olly Jefferies and his Reedy-powered 12R5.1 found that sweet spot last weekend as the combination dominated both the 10.5 Stock and Modified classes at the weekend's BRCA 1:12 national.

The Teesside venue is slightly different than the majority of 1:12 tracks with its unusual L-shaped layout. However, this technical track seemed to play to the strengths of Olly, as on Saturday he set the fastest time in every round of qualifying  to sit on pole for the Stock A-final ahead of multiple World Champion David Spashett. If anyone looked capable of taking the fight to Olly, it was David.

In the Stock A-final Olly eased a comfortable lead, which he maintained to the end and took the win ahead of David Spashett and Mark Stiles. The result means that Olly only needs a top six finish in the final round at Chesterfield to secure the national Stock title.

Olly dominated once again during Sunday's Modified class action. For this report it could have been "copy and paste" as once again Olly took every round of qualifying and sat on pole for the A-final ahead of Andy Griffiths and Mark Stiles.

Once Olly got into his stride he cruised to what looked like an easy victory over Andy Griffiths and Mick Farrell. By winning this round, Olly secured this season's BRCA Modified title with one round still remaining.

"Weekends like this are very rare. I felt everything came together at the right time. I felt comfortable with my driving, the car felt good, power was good, and the car was easy to drive. I could drive well within my limits and still be quick. For those watching the finals it might have looked a bit boring but with a National title at stake I did not want to take unnecessary chances." Olly Jefferies

Products Used:
ASC600 Reedy LiPo 6500mAh 65C 3.7V
ASC943 Reedy Sonic 540 10.5
ASC951 Reedy Sonic 540 4.0
ASC4019 12R5.1 Factory Team Kit
ASC4690 12R5.1 LiPo Conversion Kit
LRP80905 LRP SXX Competition V.2 ESC

Olly Jefferies - 12R5.1 2012 BRCA Rd. #5