Roar Region 5 Onroad Championships

Roar Region 5 Onroad Championships

April 6, 2008

Event Name: Roar Region 5 Onroad Championships
Event Location: Summit R/C Raceway, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Summit R/C Raceway presented the ROAR Region 5 onroad championships. The layout was fast and flowing with the exception of the S section coming onto the straight.

With only one day with the new 12R5, I was very comfortable with the car. Only a few small changes to the kit setup and I was ready for the competition.

After the first day of qualifying, I was able to secure the TQ spots in both Superstock and Modified, both by over two laps.

In Superstock I was using the new LRP 10.5 Stock Spec motor. In Modified I was using the LRP X11-5.0 with a 13 mm rotor. Both classes were propelled by Reedy VMX 4600's.

For the last round of Qualifying, I let it all hang out and beat my previous TQ by a full lap. The mains went just as well, using the TQ spots to my advantage and never looking back, taking both wins.

First race, first wins for the 12R5.

As for Superstock touring, the TC5 was dialed in and in top form. I qualified 2nd and within reach of the pace setter. From the sound of the horn it was a dog fight. I got caught up with a back marker and lost some ground. With one minute to go I was within a straightaway and still charging. Time fell short and I had to settle for second. Not a bad weekend.