Max Flurer Victorious At Psycho Nitro Blast With His SC10 4x4

Max Flurer Victorious At Psycho Nitro Blast With His SC10 4x4

March 19, 2012

Event Name: 5th Annual Psycho Nitro Blast
Event Location: Unadilla, GA
Event Date(s): March 9, 2012 to March 11, 2012

For the fifth year in a row, the Psycho Nitro Blast has been depriving racers from all over several hours of sleep ... and they love them for it! This year's event had all the usual crazy feature including a 40' tall wall ride.

In the Short Course classes Team Associated/Reedy/LRPs Max Flurer and his FT SC10 and SC10 4x4 were the dominant package. Taking the TQ position in both Open 2WD Short Course and Open 4WD Short Course, Max would start on pole for the double A-main events on extremely rough PNB layout.

First up was the Open 2WD Short Course A1 main event. Max recovered from an early crash to secure the victory after a grueling 10 minutes of rough track driving. The field wasn't quite as lucky in A1 of Open 4WD Short Course. A good jump saw Flurer and his Reedy-powered SC10 4x4 gap the field and cruise to the win in the opening main event.

The stage was set for a dominant Short Course weekend for Team Associated; however, a mechanical failure from Flurer on lap 2 forced him to retire from the Open 2WD Short Course A2 main event and relegated him to an overall mid-pack finish after a dominating performance in qualifying and A1. However, not wanting to be denied of a much-deserved win, Flurer again checked out from the field in Open 4WD Short Course in A2 and settled for just one victory on the weekend.

As the Psycho Nitro Blast continues to expand and grow, look for it to become more and more competitive among the top professionals. And with the continued support from locals and regional drivers alike, it's assured a spot on the calendar.



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