ROAR 1/12 Carpet National Champion

ROAR 1/12 Carpet National Champion

March 25, 2005

Event Name: ROAR 1/12 Carpet Nationals
Event Location: Hobby Chamber, West Haven, CT

Team Associated, Reedy, and LRP are extremely proud to announce the first victory for a brushless motor and speed control system for a ROAR 1/12th Carpet National Champion.

On March 20, 2005 at the Hobby Chamber in West Haven, CT, AE Team Driver, Jon Orr, captured the first victory for the combined efforts of LRP and Reedy, while driving their new Sphere/NEO-1 combination in his AE 12L4.

Jon found the power and reliability of this record-breaking system to be unbelievable. The consistent performance, speed, and lack of time spent maintaining the motor proved to be vital to this impressive win.

Jon used race-proven Reedy Real Time 3300 mAh cells to power the Sphere/NEO-1. He found that after each race, he had a surprising amount of run time left in the batteries, which attests to the ultra-high efficiency of the brushless system and Real Time cells.

See the photo of Jon's car setup with the brushless system so you can get a better look at a National Champion AE 12L4 and Sphere/NEO-1.

Everyone at AE, LRP, and Reedy thanks Jon for all of his hard work and dedication to working with this revolutionary racing power system, and driving his socks off in three very tough main events.