RC Bike Worlds Warm Up

RC Bike Worlds Warm Up

June 6, 2012

Event Name: RC Bike Worlds Warm Up
Event Location: Riccione, Italy
Event Date(s): May 25, 2012 to May 27, 2012

The Republic of San Marino held the RC Bike Worlds Warm Up in Riccione, Italy, during the weekend of May 25-27. The six-man Reedy/Team Thunder Tiger RC bike team was on hand to get highly coveted testing and practice time on the challenging circuit.

German Reedy/TT teammates Marc Lutz, Oliver Waeckerle, and Thomas Feilner were joined by Frenchman Antoine Brunet and locals Gianni Zonzini and Andrea Selva to begin learning the circuit and finding a good setup. For bikes, the track in Riccione is small and narrow, which meant finding the perfect line was crucial for turning fast lap times.

In the Superbike category, Gianni Zonzini's Reedy Sonic/LiPo-powered bike led the team by qualifying fourth with Lutz and Waeckerle slightly down in the order but still in contention.
4. Gianni Zonzini
10. Marc Lutz
19. Oliver Waeckerle
Powered by Reedy LiPo batteries, the team swept the top three qualifying positions in the Stockbike category:
1. Andrea Selva
2. Thomas Feilner
3. Antoine Brunet
The main events were run in perfect weather and featured a lot of excitement. Overtaking was difficult but after the long race day the Reedy/Thunder Tiger bike team was victorious in both electric categories.
Superbike final result:
1. Gianni Zonzini / San Marino
10. Marc Lutz / Germany
18. Oliver Waeckerle / Germany
Stockbike final result:
1. Antoine Brunet / France
3. Thomas Feilner / Germany
4. Andrea Selva / San Marino

Products Used:
ASC601 Reedy LiPo 6500mAh 65C 7.4V
ASC947 Reedy Sonic 540 6.5