4 Team Associated Victories in the ROAR Region 5 Championships!

4 Team Associated Victories in the ROAR Region 5 Championships!

June 29, 2012

Event Name: ROAR Region 5 Championships
Event Location: EN Hobbies in Columbus, Ohio
Event Date(s): June 23, 2012 to June 24, 2012

Team Associated dominated the recent ROAR Region 5 Championships held at EN Hobbies in Columbus, Ohio. The indoor track provided good grip, a fun and challenging layout, and a much-welcomed air-conditioned room to stay out of the 90-degree Midwest summer!

In 4WD Buggy, Greg Niklas took his TQ position and won the first two legs of the Triple A Main format to take the region 5 title with his Factory Team B44.1.

In Pro 2 Short Course, Dan Griffin took his Factory Team SC10 and drove patiently in a packed short course truck field to assure two leg wins and ultimately the region's Pro 2 title.

After extremely close qualifying in the 2WD Buggy division, Brandon Marsh went on to win the first leg of the triple A Mains. After a few mistakes in the second race, Brandon came back to drive a clean, mistake-free run to drive away from the field in the third leg and secure his region's 2WD Buggy title with his B4.1.

Privateer JP Richards also won the Stadium Truck title, driving a Team Associated T4.1.

Brandon, Greg, and Dan all used Reedy Sonic motors and Reedy batteries to power their vehicles to victory.

Thanks to Brandon Marsh, Greg Niklas, and Dan Griffin for this report.