Fun in the Sun at the IA Davis County Fair

Fun in the Sun at the IA Davis County Fair

July 24, 2012

Event Name: RC Expo
Event Location: Davis Co. Fair, Bloomfield, IA

Davis Co. Fair, Bloomfield, IA. Corn dogs, clowns, rodeo and Demolition Derby. This year a couple of guys and I got together to put on what we called the RC Expo, where people could bring out their cars or they could drive a couple of demo cars, the SC10 RTR from Team Associated.

We ended up getting to the spot fairly early to quickly build a track to run on. Thanks to some local help with a big green tractor it didn’t take long for it to take shape. Meanwhile, I was setting up the Team Associated booth to showcase my race cars and get the SC10s ready to go for a few hours of fun in the sun. With all the batteries charged and 2012 Team Associated catalogs ready to hand out, it was go time.

People started arriving around noon armed with their cars to run on the track. Which, honestly, was a free-for-all area with big jumps (but it started out as a track at least). It was really awesome seeing the people dusting their stuff off and doing some good old bashing and getting back into the RC scene.

Over in my area I had a lot of people asking questions about the cars and the racing scene. This really opened their eyes to the other side of RC. I explained everything from qualifying to the race format and the little fancy transponders that counted the cars just like on the big cars. They were amazed how much tuning we could do to the cars, and the technology that goes in to them. Some were IMCA modified drivers, so they could really relate to the ease of shock changes, camber and caster changes, and so forth.

The common comment was, “Man, I wish my race car was that easy to change around.”

As for the SC10RTRs -- man, did they get a workout. All kinds of people ranging from old to young were out ripping around with these. Battery after battery -- it was pretty much non-stop with minimal time for cooling. Even though it was almost 95 degrees, they didn’t miss a beat. After talking to the kids and parents, they all said these would be on their Christmas/Easter/birthday list. I even heard a few discussing a deal with chore work to trade for a new SC10.

All in all, it was a very successful day in the RC world.  The event got people out who almost forgot about their cars to get back in and have fun, while meeting others with the same interests and introducing new people to the hobby. Heck, maybe a future world champion got his first taste of the RC world at the fair over the weekend.

I personally would like to thank Team Associated and Reedy for the SC10, banners, and catalogs. Their contribution made a huge difference over the weekend, and seeing all the big grins out there made all the hard work worthwhile.

Special thanks to Bubba Boggs for this report and the photos.