Team Associated/Reedy Takes the Wicked Weekend!

Team Associated/Reedy Takes the Wicked Weekend!

August 24, 2012

Event Name: Wicked Weekend
Event Location: Gainsville, GA
Event Date(s): August 17, 2012 to August 19, 2012

Over the weekend of Aug. 17-19, Team Associated was on hand to compete against racers from across the southeast. The Wicked Weekend event was hosted by the same crew known for the famous Psycho Nitro Blast, but at a different venue with a different surface, located in Gainsville, GA. As the weekend progressed, the competition and the traction both got higher. With 248 entries, the Georgia clay took a nice groove and started to break up slightly, making line choice important through the high-speed sections. The track had the typical "wicked features" such as wood jumps and a whoops section that the PNB event is known for.

The format used three out of four rounds to seed the Mains, so every run mattered. Brandon Melton competed in the highly competitive Pro Buggy class and suffered a mechanical failure in one round. After bad luck in a different round, Melton was still able to qualify into the A Main but not with the starting spot desired. Teammates Chris Pace and Tim Smith also qualified into the A Main.

At the tone, Melton was able to work through a few cars clean to move into fifth on the first lap. After a few more laps, a close race was at stake between Melton, Ryan Lopez, and Shay Brand. Each swapped the lead back and forth on the track and cycled through pit stops. Melton was able to utilize a 10-minute pit strategy with the Reedy ST to keep him on the same strategy as the other drivers. During the second fuel stop, Melton was able to gain a lead and set eyes on the finish. Lopez fell to around 8 seconds back toward the end, which left Brand and Melton to battle it out. It was a crowd-pleasing battle between Melton and Brand, with Melton able to come across the loop first to give Team Associated/Reedy the victory.

Max Flurer traveled down to compete in the electric classes of the event. Max swept the event by TQ'ing all three classes and going on to win all three classes in the first two of the triple A Mains. Not quite the excitement of the nitro final, but a dominating performance. Max used Reedy batteries and motors and LRP speed controls to manage the power throughout the weekend. Mark Moon also took a podium spot in 2WD SCT and Jay Czarapata showed that the RC8.2 and RC8TCE are capable in the hands of the Sportsman privateer with two runner-up finishes.

Products Used: 
FT SC10 4x4
FT RC8.2
FT RC8.2e