Team Associated Takes Top Spots at the 2nd Annual Karsyns Krusaders Off-road Challenge!

Team Associated Takes Top Spots at the 2nd Annual Karsyns Krusaders Off-road Challenge!

August 31, 2012

Event Name: 2nd Annual Karsyns Krusaders Off-road Challenge
Event Location: Evansdale, IA, LRT Raceway
Event Date(s): August 18, 2012 to August 19, 2012

This race is only in its second year and already it has become quite a favorite among the drivers. Located in Evansdale, IA, LRT Raceway has put this race on to help benefit cancer research through raffle tickets and T-shirt sales. This year they raised over $700 thanks to the generosity of the racers.

The clay track is a very well groomed with a high-bite, black groove that comes in towards the main time. So traction and fun is at a premium.

This year I (Bubba Boggs) decided to run Mod SCT (PRO2) short course, and with the big air and smooth track I knew it was going to be a good race. With fellow racer and young gun Alex Vanderbeek also running PRO 2, it was going to be a shootout.

The first round of qualifying saw Alex taking the top spot, driving flawlessly, with me following up in second. It just proved to me that I was right. Alex was hungry for the win.

In the second round I got my game face on and laid down some fast laps, taking the second round TQ spot. I had to show him I wasn't in the grave yet.

The last round was the same thing, but Alex wasn't giving up at all. He matched me lap for lap but in the end I managed to take the win in the third qualifier and secure the overall TQ spot.

Now time for the mains. After a little pit racing with him it was game on. At the tone we both took off and got a fairly good lead over the field. Alex then made a little bobble and gave me some breathing room. But then it was my turn to make a mistake over some little singles and that allowed Alex to close the gap. Then another mistake by me gave him the lead, which he extended by over 10 seconds. After some clean laps I was gaining on him, and when he got caught up in some lap traffi, it allowed me to close the gap, and I was then right on his bumper. With only 20 seconds left in the main I knew I had to push it. I made a bold move to try and out-jump Alex on a small double and once again caught the pipe, allowing Alex to walk away with the win. I ended up in second. Alex also took third in the Pro4 class.

I give Alex a lot of credit staying calm under a lot of presure and driving a great race; he definitely has some talent.

In the end, everybody had a great time. Plus, we raised money for a great cause. This will definitely be on my calender again for next year.

Equipment used, Bubba Boggs:
LRP X-12 7.5
Reedy 6500 65c

Equipment used, Alex Vanderbeek:
FT SC10:
Reedy Sonic 7.5
Reedy 6500 65c
XP Digital 1015

Equipment used, Alex Vanderbeek:
FT SC10 4x4:
Reedy Sonic 550 4.0
Reedy 5200 SP
XP Digital 1015

Thanks to Bubba Boggs for the pictures and report.