Andy Castellini Takes 4 Wins and 3 Top Qualifiers at the Eastern States Challenge!

Andy Castellini Takes 4 Wins and 3 Top Qualifiers at the Eastern States Challenge!

September 5, 2012

Andy Castellini, driving his B4.1 and SC10, dominated 2WD Mod Buggy and 2WD Short Course at the Eastern States Challenge during the 30th anniversary of Family Hobbies. He then went on and showed his skills the next day in 1:8 scale to take down another TQ in Electric 1:8 with his RC8.2e, then backed it up by winning the 10-minute A Main — then took another skilled win in the 30-minute A Main with his RC8.2 buggy in the Nitro Main.

1:10 scale included over 25 buggies and 25 short-course trucks from the Tri-State area. The field was full of tough local and outside competition, including sponsored drivers from PA and NY. The track changed every round as it dried and more and more syrup was applied, but even with the improved track bite, Andy's early TQ's set the pace for the day. After 10 minutes of racing, Andy showed his Associated buggy's domination of the field by never letting the competition get within striking distance of his B4.1 buggy. When the Short Course action started, he once again kept in front and went on to lap the field with his great-running SC10 by the end of this 10-minute race.

1:8 scale was another day and competition was fierce. After setting the TQ early on with his RC8.2e buggy, a brief light rain dramatically changed the track. By the third round it was dry and fast, and Andy held the TQ, but had to face one of the best 1:8-scale drivers in the northeast. Andy knew the 10-minute electric main would require the best from him and his Associated RC8e buggy. Once the tone sounded to start the race, he took the lead and never opened the door to allow second place close enough to challenge him. Driving almost a perfect race for 10 minutes, he drove his Team Associated buggy for another weekend victory at the Eastern States.

The Nitro Buggy class was stacked and full of competition. Missing the Nitro TQ by hundredths of a second with his Associated RC8.2, the stage was set for the 30-minute gas A-Main showdown. For 25 minutes, fighting back from an early flame-out on his first refueling, he tracked down the leader. By then he was almost a lap down with the difficult task of catching a seasoned champion driver who was the favorite to win. After boggle-free laps for over 25 minutes, his Team Associated RC8.2 made up the time, passed the competition, and never looked back. He went on for the win and ended the Eastern States by capturing his fourth victory of the weekend for Team Associated!