2012 Brazilian Nationals 1/8 Gas Offroad

2012 Brazilian Nationals 1/8 Gas Offroad

September 12, 2012

Event Name: 2012 Brazilian Nationals 1/8 Gas Offroad
Event Location: Santa Catarina state, Gaspar, Brazil
Event Date(s): September 7, 2012 to September 9, 2012

This year our Brazilian Nationals was held in Gaspar city September 7-9, located in Santa Catarina state. The event was great with almost 90 drivers from Brazil.

I also was there to help all AE drivers and I was proud to have them on the team for this event: Marcello.b, Felipe.f, Gustavo.d, Felipe.d, Carlos.c, Rafael. f, Marcel.f , Mike.t, Claudio.l, Joao.m , Leandro.g, and Fabian.k.
Team Associated cars got impressive results:

Pro Buggy A-Main Final
4th place - Marcello Bello - RC8.2
9th place - Marcel Fachini - RC8.2

Pro Truggy  A-Main final 
1st place - Marcel Fachini - RC8TCE
3th place - Carlos Coltro - RC8TCE
10th place - Felipe Dadak - RC8TCE

Over 40+ Buggy 
1st place - Carlos Coltro - RC8.2
2nd place - Fabian Kaloustian - RC8.2
5th place - Rafael Faus - RC8.2