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WolfPack 7.2V 4200, Tamiya style connector

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  • High-tech SC-R cells
  • High capacity for extended run times
  • Thick 14AWG silicone power wires

WolfPack 4200mAh 7.2V
Reedy's WolfPacks are known for their combination of performance, reliability, and value. Due to increasing demand for economically priced high-capacity batteries, Reedy is proud to announce the addition of the all-new 4200mAh 7.2V.

WolfPacks were created using the knowledge and experience of an engineering group responsible for winning 28 World titles. This winning philosophy forms the cornerstone of all Reedy products. With no exception, WolfPacks provide world class performance for your R/C car, truck, boat, or motorcycle.

Because a battery pack is only as good as its individual cells, WolfPacks are assembled using Reedy's all-new high-tech SC-R cells. This exclusive cell features high capacity for extended run times while delivering maximum output thanks to its current-carrying capabilities and ultra-low internal resistance.

The performance enhancements do not end there! Low resistance welded connections between each cell and thick 14AWG silicone power wires ensure maximum performance and reliability. Additionally, each WolfPack comes equipped with an industry-standard Tamiya™ style connector.
Cell Type:NiMH
Cell Count:6-cell
Rating:7.2V 4200mAh
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