Reedy LiPo 4200mAh 7.4V 35C SP EFRA View High-Res Image

Reedy LiPo 4200mAh 7.4V 35C SP EFRA

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Reedy LiPo 4200mAh 7.4V 35C SP EFRA
Reedy’s 35C 4200mAh hard case competition saddle pack LiPo battery features high capacity to provide more than enough run time for today’s on and off-road competitions. But the best news is the battery’s 35C rating which delivers world-class power for all racing classes.

Reedy's unique hard case design helps protect the battery in the event of a hard crash or ejection. Direct wiring provides the least resistance possible and allows the installation of a favorite connector. An easy-to-use balance connector is included.

LiPo battery technology continues to progress and Reedy is proud to bring improved performance to the masses.

Reedy LiPo batteries offer many advantages over traditional NiMH batteries:

• Up to 30% longer runtime than NiMH batteries of equal capacity.
• Lighter than NiMH batteries of equal capacity.
• No limit to the number of consecutive uses.
• Improved cell efficiency results in less energy lost as heat and greater power output.
• Battery can be charged well in advance of use with no loss in performance.
• Reduced maintenance.
• Longer lifespan (up to 10 times!) reduces battery costs.
Cell Type:LiPo
Max. Charging Current:8.4A
Max. Cont. Discharging Current:35C (147A)
Burst Discharging Current:50C (210A)
Dimensions:69.2 x 46.6 x 23.2mm (x2)
Connector:None, with 12 gauge wires
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