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FT eConversion Kit

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FT eConversion Kit

The new Team Associated e-Conversion Kit has been designed for the RC8, RC8T, and SC8 to be easily and neatly converted from nitro to electric power. The e-Conversion is a well thought-out, practical design that has been engineered to work as an integral part of the chassis. Enjoying the awesome power and convenience of LiPos in your SC8, RC8 or RC8T has never been easier!

AE e-Conversion kit features

  • Rigid one-piece motor mount utilizes standard motor screw mounting pattern.
  • Large speed control mounting area raised off of chassis to allow for easy screw mounting of common speed controllers.
  • Speed control mounting area includes convenient switch-mounting boss.
  • Utilizes 3 hook-and-loop straps to secure LiPo batteries into battery tray.
  • Molded Battery tray supports 7.4-14.8V battery packs with room for foam pads.
  • Accepts two ROAR-approved 1:10 scale size 7.4v LiPo battery packs [#703 Reedy LiPo 5000 PRO (2), #704 Reedy LiPo 5000 w/connector (2), #705 Reedy LiPo 3200 with connector (2), #709 Reedy LiPo 5000 35C (2)].
  • New sealed receiver box for proper electronics placement.
  • Receiver, Servo, and battery tray remove from car in one piece for easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Easy bolt-in chassis installation requires no modifications!
  • Convenient wire routing keeps critical electronic wires out of drivetrain components and simplifies disassembly.
  • Includes two pinion gears (15T, 16T) and two spur gears (46T & 50T).
  • Comes with all needed hardware to mount components onto chassis.
  • Motor, ESC, and batteries are not included.
  • RC8 conversion requires RC8e body #89523.
Magazine Reviews
Between the three Associated cars, we decided on converting our SC8 over to brushless power. And I'm sorry to give it away at such an early point in the story, but this is single handedly the best thing we've ever done to the car! Starting off with the actual conversion process and the fitment of the parts, this is easily the best-looking conversion on the market. If you currently own an RC8, RC8T or an SC8, and if you're adamant on going brushless, this is a highly recommended option. The kit fits perfectly and looks totally factory. --RC Car, July 2009
The SC8, RC8 and RC8T can now all be electrified using Associated's brushless conversion. With a brushless setup, you now have the convenience of electric, the durability of 1/8 scale and the option of choosing how much power you bolt in. With so many speed control and motor options available, you can go tame or insane. Our test SC8 had a custom-modified LRP TC Spec ESC paired with Novak's sensored HV Pro brushless 5.5-turn motor. We bolted in two 5000mAh Reedy LiPo battery packs in series to double the voltage from 7.4 to 14.8 volts. With this setup, the SC8 had similar power to the stock nitro powerplant, however, the power delivery was more linear. With the LRP sensored speed control paired with the Novak 5.5 motor, the truck had plenty of grunt on bottom to clear doubles and tabletops yet it was so easy to drive. Other than dirt from the track, the SC8 didn't have the usual grime and fuel residue you find on nitro vehicles. A quick blast with an air compressor, and it was clean again. --Radio Control Car Action, March 2009

e-Conversion battery box size

Length without foam pad: 143mm
with foam pad: 138mm
Width without foam pad: 52.5mm
with foam pad: 42mm
Height without foam pad: 20mm
with foam pad: 17mm
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