FT 10R5 Oval Aluminum Screw Set View High-Res Image

FT 10R5 Oval Aluminum Screw Set

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FT 10R5 Oval Aluminum Screw Set

Factory Team Blue Aluminum Screw Kits reduce weight for better acceleration and handling, while the blue anodizing adds high-tech bling. Even cars already at the minimum weight can benefit. A lightweight car allows ballast to be placed in the optimum position for different track conditions and equal left-to-right weight distribution.

This complete set of 78 screws in 10 different sizes replaces the heavy stock steel screws and can be fitted to any vehicle that uses metric hardware.

#8559 contents:
qty 2 M2x4mm BHCS, aluminum
qty 8 M2x6mm FHCS, aluminum
qty 3 M2.5x4mm BHCS, aluminum
qty 11 M3x6mm BHCS, aluminum
qty 14 M3x6mm FHCS, aluminum
qty 10 M3x8mm BHCS, aluminum
qty 11 M3x8 FHCS, aluminum
qty 8 M3x10 BHCS, aluminum
qty 7 M3x10mm FHCS, aluminum
qty 4 M3x12mm FHCS, aluminum

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