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Reedy Micro Brushless ESC

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  • Sensorless - no complicated sensor harnesses required
  • Fits 1:18 scale vehicles
  • Light and compact

Reedy Micro Brushless System
The latest electronics technology along with the design and engineering experience that is responsible for 28 World Championship titles has been incorporated into the design of Reedy's all-new sensorless Micro Brushless System.

The light and compact ESC installs perfectly into the tight confines of 1:18 scale vehicles. Simple calibration and a wide variety of tuning options make this ESC perfect for the casual enthusiast and the serious racer. Due to its sensorless design, the Reedy Micro Brushless Motor operates powerfully and efficiently without complicated sensor harnesses.

Together, these create a potent combination of power and efficiency that brings performance to a new level. More power and less maintenance elevate the fun factor by increasing top speeds and reducing down time.
Cells:2-3 LiPo, 6-8 NiMH
On Resistance:0.1ohm
Reversible:Yes, with Brakes-Only Option
Low Voltage Cutoff:Adjustable
Dimensions:35mm x 26mm x 21mm
Weight with Wires:31g (1.1oz)
Power Wires:16AWG Silicone
Connector Type:Motor: 3.5mm socket. Battery: none.
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