NEW! T4 12mm Hex Drive Parts!
NEW! T4 12mm Hex Drive Parts!

February 5, 2013

Team Associated is pleased to introduce 12mm hex drive parts for the RC10T4 series of trucks! To convert your truck to use the new front axles, the following parts need to be used:

  • NEW #7854 Front Axle
  • #9880 Steering Block, Hex
  • #4449 4-40 Aluminum Locknut
  • NEW #7856 Wheel Hex Adapters, OR #9892 12mm Aluminum Clamping Wheel Hex (qty 2 needed)
  • NEW Hex wheels #7852 (white) and #7853 (yellow) work with the above combination of parts.

Parts are available now.

NEW #7852 Truck Hex Wheel, white
UPC: 784695 078529

NEW #7853 Truck Hex Wheel, yellow
UPC: 784695 078536

NEW #7854 T4 Front Axle, hex
UPC: 784695 078543

NEW #7856 T4 Hex Wheel Adapters
UPC: 784695 078567

These parts are also required for the hex conversion:

#4449 4-40 x 3/16 Aluminum Locknut
UPC: 784695 044494

#9880 Steering Block, hex
UPC: 784695 098800

#9892 12mm Clamping Hex (alternate to #7856)
UPC: 784695 098923


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