5 Titles For Team Associated At Pro-Line Surf City Classic

5 Titles For Team Associated At Pro-Line Surf City Classic

September 12, 2012

Event Name: 5th Annual Pro-Line Surf City Classic
Event Location: OC/RC Raceway - Huntington Beach, CA
Event Date(s): September 1, 2012 to September 2, 2012

For the fifth year in a row, OC/RC Raceway hosted the Surf City Classic. For the past few years the event has been title-sponsored by Pro-Line Racing. This year was no different. With over 30 heats of racing, the competition was sure to be heated and exciting.

In qualifying, Team Associated drivers took six overall top qualifying positions lead by Steven Hartson in 4WD Modified with his Factory Team B44.1 powered by a LRP SXX TC V2 speed control and Reedy #627 LiPo battery. He also TQ'd in 1:8 eBuggy with his Factory Team RC8.2e and LRP iX8/Reedy #733 4S Wolfpack.

Also taking TQs for Team Associated were Kevin Motter in 2WD and Truck Stock with his Factory Team B4.1 and T4.1, and Kody Numedahl in Modified 2WD Short Course with his Factory Team SC10 powered by a LRP SXX TC V2 speed control/Reedy Sonic 6.5 combo. And finally, Brent Thielke took TQ in Modified Truck with his Factory Team T4.1, again powered by a LRP SXX TC V2/Reedy Sonic 6.5 combo.

As the mains got underway on Sunday afternoon, the OC/RC crowd of spectators grew as the single A Mains approached. In 4WD Modified and 1:8 eBuggy, Steven Hartson was able to complete the sweep, taking home two titles. In Modified 2WD Short Course, Kody Numedahl made good on his TQ and brought home the victory, as did Brent Thielke in the Modified Truck class. Kevin Motter went 1 for 2, taking the Stock Truck title and wrapping up a fifth victory for Team Associated.

Special thanks goes out to OC/RC Raceway for putting together a great track, Pro-Line for supporting the event and to all the participants for making it a memorable race weekend.

For more information, please visit: www.ocrcraceway.com